Zoom XF in person training sessions (2 days)

XF in person training sessions (2 days)


In person 2 day training. Dates will be established with you based off your schedule after the purchase. 2 day course must be used in 2024. 

(Julie will fly anywhere in the U.S. at this price, international cost will be an additional fee)

this today in person training will include business take over, marketing classes, sales classes, content creation, social media/website takeover and more! For virtual skin training, go back to the shop. 

What does this include:

1. XF KIT 

2. Day 1: 5 hour training + Day 2: 5 hour training (10 hours)

3. Content creation (filmed/edited by Julie)

4. Instagram takeover 

5. Marketing class 101

6. Marketing class 201

7. Sales class 101

8. Sales class 201

9. Anti aging Acne class 101

10. Advanced acne class

11. Business development 

12. 60 minute virtual call to go over your business 


Each business is at different stages Julie takes over so we will ensure to having one 60 minute call prior to this 2 day training to ensure we customize the 2 day training to hit every area necessary for you and your business. In total there will be 6 classes, you can customize the classes between sales, marketing, anti aging acne and more. 

XF in person training sessions (2 days)