1-1 Consultation Over Zoom with Julie

Your personal virtual consultation will be provided for you by our Owner and Esthetician, Julie. Your consultation will be hosted on Zoom or Microsoft teams and a link will be provided once you pick the best time for you. Julie has been in the skin care industry since 2007 and struggled herself with cystic and non-inflamed acne for 10 years. She is dedicated to her clients and extremely detailed. She will answer all skin care questions you have, find a regimen that is best for you and will give you realistic expectations. The difference between each consultation is written below, for someone who has moderate-severe skin issues or for someone who is looking to take their skin care game to the next level, 60 minutes is recommended.

    What is included in the 60-minute consultation?

    Julie will assess your skin by the photos you send prior to the consultation. She will also research your current products that you use, explain the ingredients in each product and let you know which products to keep and which to remove from your regimen. She will prep a full detailed skin care regimen with product recommendations and professional treatment recommendations. Julie will find an esthetician near you that she will vet prior and call prior to you booking! Our XF regimen form is unique to each client and will answer all skin care questions, skin care usage, diet recommendations, lifestyle recommendations and order in which to use everything. We will go over which ingredients are good for your skin and which ingredients your skin should stay away from. We will end with Q\A session and go over any questions we have not answered!

    • Custom Skin Care Regimen Form
    • Find, vet and call a local esthetician near you
    • Your current skin care analysis
    • Ingredients for your skin
    • Q&A